Usage of SpamDonkey

You can use SpamDonkey DNSBL in the Full List mode or in Compatibility mode. In the Full List mode, you will have all the capability of SpamDonkey to filter and classify email messages. In the Compatibility mode, SpamDonkey can be used as a traditional DNSBL, such as Barracuda or Spamhaus. If your email server supports the Full List mode, such as hMailServer, we strongly recommend you do so.

As any DNSBL, you should use SpamDonkey as your first line of defense against spam. You will need a second layer with an anti-virus (e.g. Clamwin, MS Defender) and an anti-spam (e.g. SpamAssassin). SpamDonkey is not intended to be used as your only tool for filtering email.

A query to SpamDonkey DNSBL is performed with the reversed IP address. Let us assume, for instance, you want to check the IP The query is performed as below.

The result of each query is explained below.

Full List Mode

In order to use the Full List mode, your SMTP server must allow you to set different scores for each result from the DNSBL service. If your server only allow you to set an incoming message as either blocked or unblocked, you should use the Compatibility mode.

The Full List mode will always give you a valid answer. If you need an error level as a response for a not-listed IP you should use the Compatibility mode.

For any IP query, the possible answers in Full List mode are:

Compatibility mode

The Compatibility mode is accessed by adding a “b” just after the reversed IP address, as shown above. There are only two possible answers in this mode:

By using the Compatibility mode you will lose all the subtlety about classifying messages, but you still have full protection against illegitimate email.