Welcome to SpamDonkey

What is email spam?

SpamDonkey uses the SpamHaus definition of spam as being any unsolicited bulk email message you receive in your inbox. They are sent to you by unscrupulous people called spammers and it can range from simple advertisement to an elaborate scheme to steal personal data, passwords, credit cards or install viruses on your computer.

Many people around the world fall victim of malicious schemes propagated massively throughout email. Some of these messages are very elaborate and can deceive even the most experience user. The most efficient way to prevent damage is to stop the message before it reaches the inbox. This is the goal of SpamDonkey.

What is SpamDonkey?

SpamDonkey is a DNSBL service mainly focused on Brazilian spammers, but not limited to them. Most spam generated in Brazil is targeted at Brazilian internet users. For that reason, hardly any of those unsolicited messages end up on international spamtraps, such as Barracuda or Spamhaus, making those services inefficient at blocking Brazilian spammers.

How does SpamDonkey work?

As any DNSBL, SpamDonkey relies on traps in order to collect spam information. Those traps are real email addresses that receive lots of spam daily. However, we also trust our users to report spammers and we investigate manually suspicious activities of servers that send too many messages in a short period of time.

We also use intelligence information obtained by cross-referencing data from Internet Service Providers (ISP). For example, it is very unlikely that any legitimate email server would rely on a domestic internet connection, so all IP addresses used for domestic connections are automatically blocked.

Is SpamDonkey a solution to my problem?

If you are an IT professional running an email server and want to give a premium service to your users, yes! You just have to configure your server accordingly to retrieve information from your database and use it to implement your anti-spam policy. You will find all about it on the Usage link.

If you are a home user dissatisfied with the massive amount of spam reaching your inbox, unfortunately no. SpamDonkey is a service intended for email servers. However, you can contact your email administrator and ask SpamDonkey to be added to its anti-spam policy.

How much does it cost?

Spam Donkey is now running on beta mode. While we are in this mode, no subscription is needed and no charge is required. You are welcome to use the service for free and we will try our best to keep the servers up and running. You can also help, becoming a patron of this service through Patreon. With your donations, we will be able to improve this service faster, make it more reliable and keep it free of charge.