You are about to unlist IP

This IP adress is not listed. You cannot ask for its unlisting

In order to unlist your IP address, you must access this page using the same IP. You will not be able to unlist an IP unless you are able to connect to this page through that IP.

Before you proceed, make sure you have all the items below checked:

  1. Make sure no one is using your server to send mass emails. Most cases of unfair listing are due to hijacked email accounts. Check among your users if there is someone sending too many messages.
  2. Make sure you have a proper internet connection to attach a server to. If you are using some sort of dynamic DNS, such as NoIP, your IP will be listed.
  3. Make sure your IP is not listed as domestic connection. We block permanently all IP used for ISPs.
  4. Make sure your IP has a valid PTR record. All IPs with no PTR record are listed automatically.
  5. Make sure your IP address is not part of your PTR record. E.G, if your IP is and your PTR is something., the IP will be listed automatically.
  6. Make sure your PTR record is not from a server farm.
  7. Make sure the TLD on your PTR record is not one that is granted free of charge. All IPs linked to a free TLD will be listed.
  8. Make sure the domain on your PTR record is at least 15 days old. As most spam comes from recently registered domains, those are all blocked.
  9. Make sure the ownership data of your domain is available to the public. You have rights over your privacy, as well as people have the right to know who is sending them messages. If you choose to subscribe to some privacy protection service, we cannot allow you to send emails using such a domain.
  10. Make sure you have a proper website hosted under the domain in your PTR record. If your domain leads to a parking page, some blank template (e.g. “Lorem ipsum” pages), IIS or Apache test pages, index pages, etc, your IP will be listed.
  11. Make sure your IP has a good reputation on other lists. We will check your reputation across several DNSBL before unlisting your IP.
  12. In order to send emails, it is recommended that you have a commercial type TLD, like .com, .org, .net, etc. If you are trying to send emails using TLDs like .cam, .work, .monster, .cloud, etc, your IP is more likely to be listed.

If you checked all the above, just answer the captcha, fill in your email address and send us the unlisting request.

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